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Teacher's Last Homework

Cinematographer: Abbas Mohammadi
Cinematography assistant: Hamed Niksirat
Photographer: Goljan Mohammadi
Edit: Hamid Kamran & Abbas Mohammadi
Sound recorder: Hojat Mahlooji
Product Manager: Akram Sabz Alipour
Producer: Documentary & Experimental Film Center

This documentary film is about the education problems of Afghan children in Afghani self-governed schools in Iran.
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Director's Biography
Abbas Mohammadi is born in 1975 in Afghanistan but he is living in Iran. He has started his filmmaking activities in 1999 by passing a course in Kashan office of Iran Youth Cinema Association and started filmmaking in the same office after finishing the course.

In 2002, he presented in many festivals such as Arak Regional Festival, Mazandaran Varesh Film Festival, Tehran Short Film Festival and Austria International United Nation Festival with his film: The Facing Mirrors.

He participated in the first professional documentary workshop that was held by Iran Documentary Association and Documentary & Experimental Film Center in 2006 and made Teacher's Last Homework in this workshop.


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