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Producer &  Director: Abdul Hussain Danesh
Camera man: S.Bashir Hussaini
Narrators: Zaibab Bayat, A.Hussain Danesh
Music: M.Hussain Arman
Editor: Abdul Hussain Danesh           
Time: 47 minutes
Production: Afghanistan - 2004
The film depicts the destruction of three decades of war in Afghanistan, especially civil wars of Afghan groups in Kabul, and migration of this city's people. It looks closely at the neighborhood of Gozar Gah and the destruction inflicted on this residential area of Kabul during the civil war. Ordinary people are the main victims of the war. By Taliban rule the condition of life gets harder for Kabul people.

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Director's Biography
Abdul Hussain Danesh born in 1970 in Kabul, Afghanistan.           
He is graduated from fine art collage of Kabul University in Course Of History & philosophy of art.                                                           
Training period of cinema in Iranian young movie association in Mashhad and 2 years period of film making center in Tehran (ferdows garden) in 1992.                       
He has had activities in film making since 1992 he produced and directed the short film of (mirror) in 1992, and He has worked for Afghanistan national television and Afghan film center as a film maker 1993 to 1996.
During the war he wrote three movie scenario by the names of (Resorting) in 1993, (Bread and boot) in 1994, and (Defenseless) in 1995 with social subjects that because of continuing the war, lack of liberty and government support they were not changed to film.          
He has taught in course of script writing and cinema in Afghanistan artists' unity for university students and art students from 1994 to 1995, and in 1997 he migrated to Iran because of Taliban pressure and threat.                      
Collaboration with some non-governmental movie and artistic centers in Iran, collaboration and consulting in making the film Kandahar, directed by Mohsen Makmalbaf, artistic consulting and stage designer of The Hum of Buda with subject of Afghanistan, directed by Hossein Ghasemi Jami Iranian film maker, invited to Fajr International Film Festival in Tehran in special part of  Afghanistan cinema, having lecture in ''we and Afghanistan cinema'' in Fajr International Film Festival in 2002 in Tehran, writing  in field of Afghanistan art and cinema for publications and publishing ''Odor of Liberty'' magazine, and editing and directing of his first documentary film, Passageway in 2004 (winner of the prize of human right for best documentary film from 2nd Kabul Documentary & Short Film Festival) have been from his important other activities and earns. He is writing and going to publish a book a bout Afghanistan cinema.


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