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Director, Script Writer, Photography and Editor: Kaveh Mazaheri
Cast: Saeed Changizian, Javad Molania, Fahimeh Amanzadeh
Assistant Director: Saeed Jafarian
Co-Script Writer: Arash Salar
Lighting: Hesam Eslami
Sound Mixer: Kaveh Mazaheri
Set & Costume Designer: Kaveh Mazaheri, Hadi Keshavarz
Photo: Mahdis Amiri
Producer: Kaveh Mazaheri, Javad Rasouli
Fiction/ DVcam/ Colour/ 16 min/2007

Leila and Saeed (a recently married couple) decide to go to Arash's (their classmate in university) home and ask him for the film which he had recorded from Saeed's BA thesis presentation. They both know that Arash never give his recorded films to anyone, he loves them more than anything else ...
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Director's Biography

Kaveh Mazaheri. Born in 1981 in Tehran. Graduated in Railway Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology.
Plus edition 17 documentary and short narrative films.

Director's Filmography

Short Narrative: WANTED (2005), True Love (2005), Once Upon A Time Cleaner (2006), Tweezer (2007)
Documentray: Bactrocera Olea Gmelin (2006), Hygiennic Raisin (2006), Adjacent Rib Divide to Chord (2006)


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