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Seven Blind Female Filmmakers

Designer, Producer, and Directors' Advisor: Mohammad Shirvani
Executive Production: Royabeen Media Int'l
Editor:Fatemeh Sadeqizadeh
Titles Designer:Reza Abedini
Still Photographer: Koorosh Asgari
Colour Correction: Kambiz Saffari
Translator: Hassan Sharafoddin
Subtitling: Babak Salek , Pooriya Sadr
A Royabeen Media Int'l And Documentary and Experimental Film Centre Production
116 min/ 2004 - 2008 
Some sightless women were taught the basics of filmmaking in a workshop under the supervision of Mohammad Shirvani, and learnt how to portray their surroundings with small digital cameras and without getting help from the sighted people.
The result of this experience is short documentary films shot and directed by the people we consider unable to see. 
Photo Gallery 

1- Talking to the Wall
Story, Photography, and Directing: Sara Parto

2- Death of the Witness
Story, Photography, and Directing: Shokoofeh Davarnezhad 
3- Burning Fire
Story, Photography, and Directing: Mahdis Elahi 
4- Last Night Notes
Story, Photography, Music Selection, and Directing: banafshe ahmadi

5- Path of Life
Story, Photography, and Directing: Narges Haqiqat 
6- Good Night
Story, Photography, and Directing: Naghmeh Afiyat
Story,photography,and Directing: Neda  Haqiqat 


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