Inversion (Varoonegi)
Written and directed by: Robert Safarian
Videography: Reza Teymouri
Edited by: Vahid Bagherzadeh
Produced by: Orod Attarpour
35 minutes
A IRIB Channel 4 production

Air Pollution in Tehran has reached to a point that in the last months of Autumn, the mega-city, with the a cloud of smog over it and mask wearing pedestrians walking through its streets, takes an apocalyptic look. The basic steps to be taken to resolve the problem are more or less evident, however, years come and go and the problems is still with us. Elimination of old cars, rationalization of petrol price, control of car production and expansion of underground railway network each can help to improve the situation, but no serious measure is taken. It seems that we are encountered not only with inversion of atmosphere, but also with inversion of sound judgment and common sense in the higher levels of city management.
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Director's Biography
Robert Safarian. Born in 1954 in Tehran, Iran
Education: Cinema (in IRIB College in Tehran) and Persian Literature.
Translator of the following books from English into Persian:
Semiotics of Cinema / Christien Metz
Humanism in Film Criticism / Robin Wood
An Introduction to Film History / David Bordwell and Christian Thompson
Author of the following books:
Analysis of Michaelangelo Antonioni's L'Aventura
Analysis of Alfred Hitchcock's The Shadow of a Doubt
Author of numerous film reviews and articles on short films and documentary cinema in Iranian Press.
Teaching "Film Analysis" in Sureh Film School in Isfahan
Member of selection committee of 2nd and 3rd and member of Jury of 4th Kish Documentary Film Festival
Member of selection committee of  Tehran International Short Film Festival in 2003 and 2004
Member of editorial board of Handes Literary and Art Quarterly published in Armenian in Tehran


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