The Red Card

Director: Mahnaz Afzali
Photography: Mohammadreza Derakhshan, Khadijeh Jahed, Mahnaz Afzali
Editor: Bahman Kiarostami
Music: Selected from Iman Vaziri
Sound Designer and Mix: Keivan Jahanshahi
Assistant Director: Aida Pourshirazi, Sara Irani, Adham Lavasani
Producer: Hassan Pourshirazi
Video, Color, 74 min, 2006-2007

"The Red Card" is about one of the most complicated and controversial criminal files in judiciary system of Iran. Shahla Jahed, a 34 years old woman who was madly in love with a very famous Iranian Soccer player had a love affair with him for so long, now is accused of brutal murder of her lover's wife...
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Director's Biography
Mahnaz Afzali is a well-known cinema and TV actress who has played in 14 feature films and 3 TV series.
She directed her first documentary "No Witness" in 2000.
"The Ladies" is her second film in 2003 which was a big success and participated in more than 30 film festivals around the world such as IDFA.
"The Red Card" is her recent documentary in 2006.
Right now she is in the process of making a documentary film based on her interviews with female prisoners; she wants to publish some of these interviews in a book.

Director's Filmography
No Witness   45 min,  2006
The Ladies    55 min,  2003
The Red Card  74 min,  2006


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